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Click Foundation

25% broad-based shareholder in Ata Capital

Click Foundation aims to INNOVATE and test NON-CONVENTIONAL, TECHNOLOGY based solutions that have potential to SCALE and MEANINGFULLY IMPACT EDUCATION for individuals.

Currently assists learners in achieving ENGLISH LITERACY proficiency at an age appropriate level using a phonetics based online literacy programme, Reading Eggs:

  • Supports acquisition of foundation phase literacy skills and can back-fill gaps
  • Provides visual and auditory instruction
  • Individualised (1:1) / self-paced learning
  • Requires only basic facilitation

Quick Facts

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Social Partners

Ata Fund I utilised 15% of its commitments to finance the participation by social organisations and Broad-Based BEE groups in BEE Transactions. Ata Fund I Broad-Based Social Partners:






Ata Capital Internships

  • Targeting university students/graduates with relevant degrees
  • Provide excess capacity for Ata Capital
  • Training opportunity

-No obligations on either party

-Remuneration based on contribution


Providing introduction and exposure to:

-Business etiquette & dealmaking

-Financial modelling

-Fund administrative functions

  • Access mentoring and role models
  • Primary intention – Ata’s contribution to the development of the internee
  • Focus on currently disadvantaged candidates